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Spray Tans

We all love a summer glow! A spray tan is a great alternative to harsh rays and tanning beds. Leaving with an immediate bronzed look is so satisfying. Spray tans with the proper prep and continuous care can last between five and eight days. Leaving for vacation or headed to a local BBQ? A spray tan will add that extra glow you're looking for! 


Having a spray tan keeps you out of the sun and allows you to use sunscreen the entire time of exposure. A sunless tan can last as long as a vacation, without going to a tanning bed numerous times before your trip. Spray tans can vary in tones and don't have to be a one size fits all solution.


It's very important to prep your skin for a spray tan to ensure the longest lasting tan possible. The day of or night before your appointment, please shower and exfoliate your entire body. Also important to wash and dry your hair before your appointment. Wet hair can cause the spray tan to drip. Avoid any soaps, conditioners, deodorants, and perfumes on your skin prior to your appointment. Wearing loose clothes, flip flops and minimal undergarments helps to avoid any lines on the drive home.  

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